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About the program

The joint program between the Faculty of Natural Science, the Faculty of Social Sciences, and the Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment trains scientists and professionals to provide solutions to hydrological challenges in Israel and around the world. The program equips students with the necessary tools to understand water-related processes at the surface of the Earth and in subsurface environments. Three study tracks are available: thesis and non-thesis master's degrees, and a PhD track. Scientific and professional training is integrative and engages the students in various fields of hydrology and water resources. Courses and research takes place in Jerusalem and in Rehovot. 

What is hydrology ?

Hydrology is simply the study of Earth's water. Surface water hydrology deals with the water flowing in rivers and lakes, while groundwater hydrology explores the behavior of water in the soil and rock beneath the surface. Research topics explored by faculty members of the program are diverse, ranging from flood prediction in small watersheds to contaminant transport in aquifers.